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Children’s Charity for the Arts - Life Through Art Foundation

LTAF Programs

The arts encourage learning as a process of discovery that engages the whole child – body, mind, and heart. Research has shown that exposure and learning in the arts nurtures the development of cognitive, social, and personal competencies. In pursuing our goal to provide children and young artists with meaningful and beneficial educational experiences in the arts, the Life Through Art Foundation has developed programs that are meant to engage students on multiple levels.

Types of Art Programs

Discovery – Life Through Art Field Trips

The first step in opening a child’s world to the arts is exposing them to the diversity of artistic mediums that exist. By sending children to museums, concerts, plays, and galleries, the Life Through Art Field Trip program provides public school children with opportunities to see, hear, and experience the arts first hand. Learn more about Discovery Through Art….

Community – Arts In Public Places

For this program, we travel to local parks, recreation centers, or schoolyards to do art projects with children and their families. Local artists and celebrities are invited to lead an art project or participate. Learn more about Community Art Programs

Educational Partnerships

For students interested in pursuing a more in-depth study of a particular artistic medium, the Life Through Art Foundation has created a multi-tiered mentorship program. Through this program, a community of artists who are interested in cultivating art appreciation and artistic expression is created. Learn more about Educational Partnerships

Mentorship and Innovation Program

Life Through Art Foundation has created a multi-tiered educational partnership program. The Innovation Program was created for teachers interested in exploring their own creativity in building bridges between the arts and other disciplines. The program teaches these educators how they can harness creative expression by establishing a safe, supportive environment where their students can create and learn more about art. Learn more about the Mentorship and Innovation Program

Just Imagine Project

Just Imagine Creative Arts, located in Traverse City, Michigan, is a safe place for children to go after school. It allows children the opportunity to use their imaginations through the art process. The programs offered include visual arts, music, performing arts, culinary arts, and dance movement. Learn more about the Just Imagine Project…

Through each program, the foundation strives to benefit not only the children participating, but the community at large by including educators, public figures, and parents, in addition to encouraging creativity and confidence in all aspects of the children’s lives. The hope is that by affecting the few, we can influence the many. It is only through the generosity and support of our community that we are able to bring the freedom and joy that art creates in the life of a child to those in our programs.

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